Palletized Systems

Roll-On/Roll-Off Systems

The manufacturing processes used at Knight Aerospace were developed to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers in a Cargo Transport Aircraft.  All processes are strictly controlled and are performed according to Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s) as well as Joint Commission and OSHA.


  • Easy Loading (Less than an 1 Hr.)

  • Designed to load quickly through the cargo door

  • Loading From Fork Lift or Standard Cargo Loaders

  • Secures to cargo handling system

  • Connections made to aircraft power and communications


  • Pallets can be scalable to meet the aircraft and customer requirements

  • Mechanically Fastened Structure

  • No Weldments or Balsawood

  • No Gaps between multiple Pallets

  • Anti-Movement Device

  • No In-flight shifting

  • All Systems are Self-Contained

  • Water/Waste

  • Oxygen

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